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Reggie Jackson Special Advisor to the New York Yankees & Head of High Net Worth Business Development, Specialized Performance Advisory Group (SPAG)

January 18th, 2011

Reggie Jackson spearheads the high net worth business development function at Specialized Performance Advisory Group. Through the education of that investor group in our investment philosophies, Reggie instructs high net worth individuals on options for their financial future. Previously, Reggie has held a wide range of executive and marketing positions with companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and General Motors as well as his current role as Advisor to the Senior Managing Partners of the New York Yankees. Mr. Jackson will serve to access a network of high net worth investors for the fund in the sports, entertainment and business worlds. He is also an investor since inception in the fund.

Specialized Performance Advisory Group (SPAG)

Specialized Performance Advisory Group is an independent asset management company based in New York that caters to high net worth and institutional clients. We provide investment counsel and advisory services for accredited investors in several product areas. Our flagship product is an Absolute Return Hedge Fund that employs low portfolio leverage to generate a consistent return by investing in liquid fixed income and publicly traded equity securities. Additionally, we manage separate investment accounts that are custodied at Goldman Sachs and can be custom tailored to meet a client's individual investment needs.

Our investment objective is to earn invariable and homogeneous returns in all types of market environments. Our management team has combined experience in the fixed income, equities, commodity and currency markets of over 25 years.

Our independent and streamlined investment decision making approach allows us to be free of the boundaries that encumber the larger financial institutions more structured mainstream philosophies.

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